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Adhesives and Tapes

Industrial Products carries high-quality Intertape Products, including industrial spray adhesives, Intertape duct tape, and Intertape painter's tape. Industrial spray adhesives are designed to assist bonding to several surfaces, which include wood, concrete and sheet metal. Duct tape is made with a very aggressive adhesive that bonds to almost any surface. Painter's masking tape is designed to reduce fingertip abrasion and is resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through.

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  • DAP DynaGrip 4000 Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive 28 fl. oz. TAN - Case of 12

    $69.36 $52.02
  • Sumner 781150 2" - 6" Diameter Ultra Clamp for Pipe Fit-Ups

    $247.15 $156.50
  • Sumner 781170 5" - 12" Diameter Ultra Clamp for Pipe Fit-Ups

    $391.13 $247.66
Grid List
7 Item(s)